About Buoyant

At Buoyant, we seek the perfect equilibrium of creative brand expression and meaningful business results through uplifting, customer-centered design.

Buoyant Design floats above conventions, spanning print and digital, 2D and 3D, intellectual and playful, macro and micro, conceptual and stylistic. This fluid approach, balanced with strategically sound business thinking, is our formula for unsinkable ideas and uplifting results.

We are all about results, but we always start with your customer. Perhaps I learned it from my psychiatric nurse parents (how does this make you feel?), but my passion for uncovering the real underlying issues is always appreciated by Buoyant clients.

Your company, your brand, your product live in an ecosystem, from a screen to an environment to an experience and back again. Here’s where our fluid dynamics really pay off: my merry band of creative partners and I are careful observers of context. It’s never just on your phone or your website — it’s in stores, in the wild, wherever your customers are.

Buoyant clients also value our focus on details like refining the out of box experience for a product, catching the wrong font on a site update, or knowing the best place to put your money on an exhibit. They know I’m looking out for their customers and their brand.

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Fun Fact

~ In a previous life, Stacey was a conductor for a Victorian symphony ~

About Stacey Fischer

After honing my craft at Landor and CKS Partners, I started Buoyant in 2005 with the idea of providing small to medium sized companies and startups the holistic brand consultancy experience. By assembling targeted teams, I’m able to develop deep and responsive, yet flexible, relationships with each client.

When I’m not developing unsinkable ideas and irresistible brands, I like to get people thinking and feeling: I teach design and packaging part-time at School of Visual Concepts and create a positively naughty line of greeting cards through Lusty Letter.