How do you help a new, category-creating brand stand out from the crowd?

By being true to the customers of ILLUMAGEAR, and putting the focus on worker safety.  

ILLUMAGEAR’s mission is to illuminate people working in high-risk environments, making them safer. The statistics are staggering: hundreds of workers are hurt or die every year working in poorly lit environments. ILLUMAGEAR’s innovative Personal Active Safety System (PASS) technology was designed to change those numbers.

winning formula

Brand Identity and Logo Development

  • Distinctive identity to reflect the gravity of the subject matter and instill confidence

Positioning and Messaging Frameworks

  • Company/brand and product positioning frameworks to create a clear brand architecture and roadmap for future product growth

Award-Winning Photo Library

  • Dramatic editorial photography to create a strong emotional connection to the workers
  • Heavy use of black to highlight the luminescent power of the product
  • Designed to vividly demonstrate the peril that construction workers face without alienating potential customers

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines

  • Easy-to-use tools for ILLUMAGEAR’s internal teams, vendors, and distributors

Responsive e-Commerce Site

  • Customer and client interviews to zero in on purchasing behaviors and site requirements
  • Close collaboration with sales team to effectively balance ease of purchase with overall brand presentation


As a startup, it’s easy for the inaugural product to overshadow the company brand. The very clear company/brand and product positioning frameworks we created ensure that as ILLUMAGEAR adds more products, they won’t have to think about where the product lives within their ecosystem — they can just focus on launching the product.

We worked closely with the ILLUMAGEAR team to develop a unique site, breaking away from standard templates.

After an 18-wheeler-dodging 1 a.m. photoshoot on I-90, we were rewarded with a Communication Arts award for Photography and Creative Direction.

notable quote

“You made the President & CEO’s dream come true.”

—Advisor for ILLUMAGEAR, Ray Riley, Microsoft


Creative Direction, Photography

Communication Arts


Award-winning photography provided by William Anthony Photography.

Award-winning product development & engineering provided by Pensar Development.

Award-winning clients:
Andrew Royal, President & CPO, ILLUMAGEAR
Jen Sonstelie Irish, Director of Marketing, ILLUMAGEAR