How could we broaden our perspective and deepen our understanding of the world of our product-driven clients?

By taking a deep dive into product development, and turning a playful prototype into a full-fledged brand and product line.

Upon first glance, Lusty Letter cards are nice, friendly, and respectable; but upon closer inspection, they reveal a surprisingly naughty message.

One Valentine’s Day, I decided to give my beau (not exactly prone to display emotion, to the point that I affectionately called him “Spock”) the first of these sexy, homemade cards. We were out at a great little French bistro. He looked at the front; then the inside; then the front again; and then it clicked. He saw the subliminal message. He started laughing. Then he started laughing so hard he cried. So I thought if I was able to make Spock laugh so hard that he cried, I might be onto something.

winning formula

Product Development

  • After making the prototype for my boyfriend, I needed to transform a single card into an entire line. Late nights were filled with developing a system to speed creation of new cards.  

Brand Strategy and Competitive Analysis

  • Once I established that the card could extend into a line, I used the Creative Brief template that anchors every Buoyant project to establish brand positioning, competitive advantage, user value, and audience. This indispensable tool helps me shape social media campaigns and assess brand fit for new Lusty Letter retailers.

Branding and Naming

  • The name, Lusty Letter, floated to the top of my mind effortlessly. Miraculously, the domain was available.

Retail Design and Wholesaling

  • Getting to know my retailers deeply helps me create product they can move and market. I tour retail locations in the wild frequently for insights into how to market and display the cards, and how to best address the needs of my retailers and their customers.

Art Direction and Visual Design

Social Media Strategy and Management

Print Management


I debuted the cards at the New York International Gift Fair (NYNOW) and had incredibly enthusiastic buyers, from the Museum of Sex to fashion boutiques such as Velouria, and small gift shops to Amazon.

I continue to identify what’s lusty for customers through social media, pop-up shops, and my esteemed retailers — providing inspiration for future line extensions or even new lines.

Lusty Letter is carried in over 30 shops across the United States.

Thousands of people have had a great laugh and a great shag because of the cards.

notable quotes

—Daniel Basiletti, Buyer, Museum of Sex

“We stopped carrying cards about 10 years ago, but Lusty Letter made us want to have cards again. Now.”
— Coyote Days & Dan Bush, Buyers, Good Vibrations

“Thank you for saving me from Hallmark!”
—Customer, Etsy


Mariette Collora, Intern
Chuck Snavely, Co-writer for Wedding Line
Evolution Press, Printers