How do we keep inspiration flowing and push ourselves creatively?

We imagine a “why aren’t they doing this?” mashup between two iconic brands.  

We devised this brand exploration as a way to think about the food and beverage space from the ground up. There are many places to find excellent design at higher price points, but we are firm believers in bringing fantastic, compelling design to everyday experiences.

In this conceptual exercise, we envisioned Nescafé teaming up with Target to create a new line of instant coffee. We explored how they might maintain price point and value while increasing brand interest and engagement, and perhaps attract new customers.

winning formula

Brand Strategy

  • Explored how Nescafé could maintain key elements for a balanced evolution of brand and product, so as not to alienate existing customers

Packaging Design

  • Leveraged the iconic shape of Nescafe’s tall, slender Frappe glass to create a natural product evolution based on existing brand equity