How do you get 24,000 employees to use intranet? Make it approachable and easy to use. Make it feel like Stryker’s “home.”

Stryker previously had a very dry, stripped down intranet. After several workshops with the Stryker team and our remote partner, Medallurgy, we identified an inspiring way to engage their employees: by elevating the people that make up this remarkably innovative Fortune 50 company.

winning formula

Digital Strategy


Visual Design

  • Leveraged and improved grid-based design from Stryker’s brand guidelines, to work elegantly within the nested structure of the Sharepoint environment
  • Grid structure encouraged quick navigation and helped us collaborate with Stryker’s back-end developers to build a fluid experience
  • Grid model allowed all employees to easily create their own pages, groups, or blogs on the site

Comprehensive Intranet Style Guide


Our team’s ability to see the big picture translated into long-term value for Stryker. Researchers could now build their own internal R&D blogs to share findings. Employees no longer had to think about where to find their 401K information. Connect became the employee hub Stryker was after.


Jay Folk, Senior Manager, Stryker
Rick Kowalcyk, Account Management, Medallurgy
Curt Knox, Information Architecture
Jenn Huang, Content Management
Austen Bass, Front-end Development